Adding and removing modules

Adding modules

First option - Inside HubSpot page editor

  1. Make sure that you have installed all modules to your portal (get the basic or full version template from the HubSpot marketplace)
  2. Install your Page to HubSpot
  3. Click on "Add modules to Layout"
  4. Search for the module you want to add (based on their names in briX editor, for example Header 1, Content 3 etc.)
  5. Drag it to and drop the module to add it to your page

Second option - Going back to BRIX editor

Please be aware that this option will create a new page each time you're going back to briX and you're installing a new page to HubSpot. This also means that the previous changes won't be applied to the new pages. (You can unlock the full version to simplify this process, also see first option.)

  1. Install your page to HubSpot
  2. Check what is missing
  3. Go back to briX by clicking on the "back arrow" of your browser
  4. Add the missing modules
  5. Install your page to HubSpot again

Removing modules

  1. In HubSpot page editor, click on "Edit modules"
  2. Click on waste bin icon to the right of the module name (of the module you want to delete)
  3. Confirm that you want to delete it